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14th July – 48 Hour Film Fesitval Kickoff - 2023

Kickoff for the 48 Hour Film Project

14th of July, 6 pm

Take your chances and draw a genre, prop, and line for your film, and make something magic in a weekend


The 48 Hour Film Project is an exciting creative weekend with filmmakers making short films in an even shorter timeframe.

It all begins with the Friday night Kickoff event when you and teams in your city draw genres out of a hat and receive the required elements for your film.

Then it is off to the races—writing, shooting and editing and doing whatever it takes to submit your short film on Sunday night.

The big payoff is seeing your masterpiece in the big screen at a local theater. Every film, both on-time and late, will screen. There is nothing better than seeing your film with an audience and seeing firsthand how they react to your movie.

There’s still time to register here! Get your team in before July 14th!