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19th January – Wellsbourne Society - 2022

Wellsbourne Society presents Murmurations, Colonies and Undercurrents: The secret lives of Sussex’s starlings and bats

Doors 8pm // Latest MusicBar // TICKETS

One of the best things about Brighton winters has to be the dazzling murmurations as tens of thousands of starlings take to the air at dusk. As they settle to roost under the pier a very different flying creature takes to our city skies – the bat. Thanks to our special guests: two of the city’s best-loved artists – Steve Geliot and Lou McCurdy; professional conservationist Tim Squire; and biodiversity officer and bat expert Kim Dawson we’ll be learning all about these fascinating creatures. Mixing lecture, performance, art, film and ecology our guests will teach us about their habits, secrets and what lies behind the beautiful dance of the murmurations. They’ll also uncover the stories and art behind the creation of Undercurrents, a new murmuration-themed film and exhibition at Phoenix Gallery in 2022.