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19th September – Wyldest - 2022


Doors 7pm // Latest Music Bar // Tickets

The musical evolution of Zoe Mead, aka Wyldest, has been a slow but steady one – a mix of deliberate exploration, a natural shifting in taste, and a certain virus twisting her arm. After recording drums for 20 songs touted for her second album – Monthly Friend – last February, the impending lockdown then took studio time off the table.

Plus Jemima Coulter

Jemima Coulter’s music exists in an impressionistic reverie, somewhere between a hallucination and the waking world. Populated bystories of body-swapping and clowns, Coulter’s music takes us beyond the personal, traveling from London to Perugia, to the circus and the sea. But for Coulter, stories aren’t simply an escape route, away out of a painful reality; instead they offer a resting place for the weary traveler—a glimpse of real magic in a portrait of the surreal.