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20th October – Catalyst Club - 2022

Punk, Porn and Performance in 70s Secret London with Cathi Unsworth and Dorothy Max Prior

Doors 7.30pm // Latest Music Bar // Tickets

Cathi Unsworth and Dorothy Max Prior are the authors of two brand new books exploring the Seventies counterculture of Punk, queerdom, art, music and fashion.
Cathi’s new book, Defying Gravity, the life and times of the late punk icon Jordan Mooney, celebrates the extraordinary life of one of the most iconic people of the 70s and reveals how a ballet-mad girl from Sussex make her way, via the clandestine gay clubs of Brighton and London, to the eye of punk’s storm, sharing hair-raising adventures with the Sex Pistols, Adam and his Ants, Derek Jarman and Andy Warhol.

Max’s 69 Exhibition Road: Twelve True-Life Tales from the Fag End of Punk, Porn & Performance today is a vibrant, wry, and engaging account of life as an adventurous, queer young person in late 1970s London discovering themselves as an artist, and an individual. While working as a photographer’s model, gallery usher, and exotic dancer, Max witnessed the births of Adam and the Ants, The Sex Pistols, and Throbbing Gristle, as well as drumming in her own cult band and recording with Industrial Records.
Mixing readings with slide show-style talks Cathi and Max take us through the multilayered nature of the London music, art, and fashion worlds of the late 1970s, and the overlap between the early punk scene with the city’s rapidly evolving club and queer cultures.

‘Jordan was the original Sex Pistol.’ Derek Jarman