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23rd November – Til Death Do Us Part: A Murder Mystery - 2022

Til Death Do Us Part: A Murder Mystery

Doors 8pm // Latest Music Bar // Tickets

You’re cordially invited to a wedding like no other. Everyone is a suspect, no one is safe, will you guess who the murderer is? Original murder mystery comedy play by Murderers Anonymous, it’s like Scooby-Doo meets Friday Night Dinner in a dark alleyway. It’d be a crime if you missed it.

Join us for the grand wedding of the darling Genevieve Anastasia Vivian Bucksworth and her dashing husband-to-be, Lawrence.

‘Till Death Do Us Part’ is an original murder mystery comedy play featuring some improvisation and audience interaction (completely voluntary!). You are encouraged to play detective and figure out ‘whodunnit’ by interrogating the characters and picking up on any clues or secrets you might hear along the way.

For this special day, please feel free to bring as many +1’s as you like (so long as each of them has a ticket!).

Our dearest Genevieve has requested for this event to have NO CHILDREN and she’s quite strict about that. This show contains strong language and adult themes throughout and has a required age of 18+

Do come along, we’re DYING to see you there!