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25th January – Catalyst Special - 2023


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Leningrad 1946, the Cold War:
All culture in the USSR is subject to the brutal control of a totalitarian state censor. But music-mad bootleggers devise an incredible and risky way to listen to and share the music they love, copying forbidden songs onto used X-ray film and creating their own records..

Stephen Coates tells the secret history of these ‘Bone’ bootlegs of forbidden music cut onto x-ray  – and of the people who made, played and paid for them.

Who were they? Why did they do it and how was it even possible? Based on years of interviews and oral testimonies, Stephen; new book BONE MUSIC contains an expanded detailed history of the culture of the Soviet X-Ray Underground, with testimonies from actual bootleggers and buyers, a whole section on the x-ray culture of Budapest and  detailed study  of the technical means of making bone records.

“Stephen Coates – strangely, an Englishman – knows more technical and biographical details of the Bone Records story than anyone else.”  – Artemyi Troitsky

“One of the 25 most essential books for record collectors.”  – Vinyl Factory