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2nd June – Queen Mab: The Witching Hour – Fringe - 2023

Queen Mab: The Witching Hour

Doors 5.30pm // Latest Music Bar // Tickets

Welcome to the Court of Queen Mab: The witching hour has descended, ushering in a phantasmagorical feast for the senses as this musical monarch takes to the stage…

The alter-ego of multi-award-winning theatre-maker, songwriter, and cabaret performer Hattie Snooks, Queen Mab was birthed in the spring of 2020 when, in the midst of the pandemic, she reconnected with longtime friend and top producer Ashley Slater (Freak Power, Kitten & the Hip). Just over one year later, Give the Bliss was released – a natty little album full of brass, bass, and sultry sparkle! Now, Mab takes to the stage for her hotly anticipated Fringe debut.

Queen Mab is irreverent yet commanding, escapist, ethereal, alluring, slightly unhinged… Fun, but with an undeniable darker streak. She conjures a heady witches’ brew of wildly eclectic influences – a pinch of trip-hop here, a dash of breakbeat there, a healthy dollop of funk, a drizzle of folk, and lashings of R&B, soul, and jazz. Ostensibly, it’s theatrical art-pop that ran away with the circus and woke up in a field somewhere… And with its sense of dramatic flair, witty lyricism, musical kudos, and banging beats, it may also prove to be the stuff of legend.

Praise for other work:

“Witty, clever, sharp…” ★★★★ (The Reviews Hub)
“Loud and proud” ★★★★ (Broadway Baby)
“An absolute treat” ★★★★ (