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7th September – Catalyst Club Special - 2023

Catalyst Club Special:

The Spectacular Story of Spectacles with Travis Elbrorough

Thursday 7th of September, 8pm

Tickets available now

The humble pair of glasses might just be one the world’s greatest inventions, allowing millions to see a world that might otherwise appear a blur. And yet how much do many of us even really think about these things perched on the ends of our noses?

Travis Elborough’s eye opening new book, Through the Looking Glasses, traces the fascinating true story of spectacles: from their inception as primitive visual aids to monkish scribes right through to today’s designer eyewear and the augmented reality of Google Glass. Join him as he relates in words and pictures encounters with ingenious medieval Italian glassmakers, myopic Renaissance rulers and spectacle-makers, as well as the silent movie star Harold Lloyd, the rock n roller Buddy Holly and the full-screen figure of Marilyn Monroe. Along, of course, with the legendary Sussex character Horace Albert Duke.

It’s all a question of vision and the need for humanity to see clearly, as Travis explores where the impulse to improve our eyesight has led us and where it might take us in the future.

‘This is a thorough, entertaining and thoroughly entertaining history of life through a lens’ ― David Quantick

‘Fascinating’ — Rachel Cooke ― Observer