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Sanctuary of Sound
CHALK – Brighton
September 14th, 2023

Review by Jen Good

When the whimsically bodacious Frankie Knight graces the stage, barefoot with her ethereal presence, the aura of the whole room changes to a hypnotic dreamlike state that will float right through you. Frankie is a genuine artist and musical alchemist crafting wistful elixirs of electro trip-pop and trancey mystic vibes. Unconcerned with genres, Knight effortlessly fuses a concoction of disparate elements from sultry but pulsating beats to personal power ballads. Her performances transcend boundaries too, and are nothing short of transformative experiences. She played us some of her new material, opening with ‘Send it to the Moon’ from this year’s ‘Space Pop’, and even had us singing along in an audience participation song inspired by her Grandmother, which lavished us with layers of light. And although often compared to Morcheeba and Massive Attack, there’s a side-dish of Grimes in there, some Lana Del Rey and maybe even a second soundtrack to the film Drive.

Frankie’s stage presence is an enigma in the best possible way. She enters like a flowing ribbon of light, unassuming yet strangely hypnotic, and as the music washes over the room, she transforms into a more powerful goddess. Her genuine charisma draws you in, leaving you entranced and beckons you away to a more fantastical reality.  Her poignant storytelling feels like she’s channelling something innocent and pure, yet unapologetically profound. Her vocals are a revelation of a poet weaving a tapestry of emotion. With a voice that ranges from velvet-smooth to fiercely passionate, Frankie can morph her resonance to suit the essence and fluctuating range of each song.

It only makes sense that Frankie Knight was invited to open for British veterans to the electro scene – Kosheen, hailing from Bristol and fusing electro, D&B, trip-hop and pop elements since 1998. And we think she not only did them justice, but is a rising star to definitely keep your eye on! And not without the support of her dynamic drummer Rob, who compliments and completes the dynamic duo. They left us with the space-popping and drifty ‘Mystic’, a song Frankie wrote over lockdown about “the greedy politicians”.

Frankie Knight’s world is for those who crave connection, transcendence and a rare feeling of authenticity that runs deep. She is an enigmatic force of nature, and her artistry is a unique treasure waiting to leave you spellbound in a shared experience, so step right in and surrender.

Good Knight.


Gig photos by Jen Good (c) 2023 All Rights Reserved