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July 6th – Lysistrata the Sex War - 2022

A Riotous New Adaptation Of Lysistrata the Sex War? By Tim Coakley

Doors 7:30pm // Latest Musicbar // Tickets £11

Often called the raunchiest and the funniest play to come out of ancient Greece, LYSISTRATA has been a popular play throughout the ages and this fresh and entertaining new version does not disappoint.
The timeless story goes like this. The men of two opposing countries are waging a senseless war against one another and no one can stop this dragging on.
To try to put a stop to this, the women on both sides, led by Lysistrata, stage a sex strike in a bid to establish peace with some hilarious outcomes
Today when other senseless wars are being waged around the world and women are asserting their rights, this play could not be more relevant or more topical.
Written in earthier times, this play does contain some ADULT CONTENT
After all they were written by Aristophanes, and this is a classic of world literature.
So, in a nutshell what’s it about? War and sex of course! What more do you want?