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May 17th – Ania Live - 2022

Brighton Fringe Festival: Ania Live @ Latest with special guests Rapscallion & Sy Richards

Doors 7:30pm // Latest Musicbar // Get Tickets HERE

Ania Live with special guests Rapscallion is going to be one of those great live music nights full of sparkle and contrasts.

Ania: Launching original new material, alt-rock with soul, folk with a Liverpudlian heart, girl meets boy with a double punch of pop and protest. A sonic journey of travels in the heart, mind, and on the road, soundtracked by crunchy guitars and mandolins. Music as an act of resistance and love.

Rapscallion: Their unique blend of chapish/steampunk tinged silliness mixed with a sincere passion for pure rock music is designed to uplift, clear away those pesky doldrums and put an uncontrollable smile on your face.

Come as you are, everyone welcome. After everything we’ve been through, it will feel great to be there, crank up the noise and have some fun. (And watch out for our one-night-only competition on the socials, coming soon).

8.00: Sy Richards

8.45: Ania

9.40: Rapscallion