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March 7th – Brighton Groove Project - 2022

Brightons Acid Jazz and Funk Jam Returns!

The music is improvised around a riff or simple chord progression, with the groove as the guide. Occasionally we might slip into tunes like Cantaloupe Island, Maiden Voyage or Chameleon.
Someone calls a key and starts a riff and everyone brings their sound to the mix. It’s a great opportunity to stretch out, work on your improvising or just dance to the funky grooves. Everyone is welcome, percussionists, horn players, vocalists, rappers, didgeridoo and harmonica players too.
As with most jams, amps, keyboards and drums are provided, please treat them with respect. Guitarists, bassists, horn players etc please bring your own instruments. Please arrive in good time so we can get you up to do 1 or 2 numbers.
If you want some clues about the kind of stuff we do, check out bands like The Brand New Heavies, Down to the Bone, Jamiroquai, Incognito, Herbie Hancocks Headhunters and John Scofields Uberjam as well as the demo on the BGP page.

Entry is free and there will be an opportunity to donate to the house bands during the night.