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Monday 21st October - 2013

Hemingway Noise

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In times of reissues where vintage is in vogue, Hemingway Noise appears masking their originality under the ways of the underground with Rock attitudes that look to break established rules. Hemingway Noise reinvents psychedelia with simple strokes and fusions of metal, punk and delicious soul. Hemingway Noise successfully comes out unscathed from Battle of the Bands contests, performing memorable shows everywhere they go; demos, Ep’s and a recent live recording are the clues of what this unique band has to offer the public who come their energetic concerts. The band delivers every note, every chord with meaning, every melody vibrates through your body, every song individual and different, each telling a different story, producing different feelings, different emotions. Soon they will play close to your home……. Sincerely, we recommend you don’t miss a Hemingway Noise show, because they are passionate about playing live and each show is a surprise in itself.

Doors tbc Price £5/£4 cons

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