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Myologue TV Comedy Screening - 2021

Myologue TV Comedy Screening

8pm // Latest Music Bar // TICKETS

Comedy Screening:
Screening of our Comedy Sketch Show, shot in the depth of lockdown, with “9 woefully hopeless social media stars attempting to set up their own TV Channel”… Come and enjoy the fruits of their failure!

What happens during the event? (8pm-9:30pm)Join us for a few drinks, a 45min film screening, drinks from the bar, and a 30min interview with the characters.
Watch the premier of the MyalogueTV sketch show, followed by a “serious” Q&A with the characters. The raffle takes place at the end of the evening for a case of beer and much more. Hope you join us.

What is MyalogueTV?
MYALOGUETV IS QUALITY, CURATED CONTENT that responds to the mad age of YouTube, Facebook, Spotify, Instagram, Twitter & TikTok, while at the same time, draws on the traditional comedy and sketch show format of multi-character and multi-scenario. In a fleeting, thumb-flick world, we’re building memorable characters, with quality scripts, direction, production and performance, but keeping things deliberately small-scale, pushing the envelope of entertainment and audience engagement. Where you see bad edits, this is because we have painstakingly lampooned the bad edits of the world we are parodying.