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With The Megalithic Portal’s Andy Burnham
Plus Serena Mitchell and David Bramwell on Sussex’s stone curios

Andy Burnham presents a highly illustrated and fast paced look at many of the fascinating themes, mysteries and new discoveries from Neolithic Britain, including lesser known but interesting sites.  Andy is lead author of ‘The Old Stones – the Megalithic Sites of Britain and Ireland’ along with other contributors to the huge Megalithic Portal web resource which he founded and has been running continuously since 2001.

The Old Stones is the most comprehensive and thought-provoking field guide ever published to the iconic standing stones and prehistoric places of Britain and Ireland and was previously awarded Current Archaeology Book of the Year.

David Bramwell, co-author of a new book Sacred Sussex (2024) and Serena Mitchell (Sussex University) also share some of Sussex’s lesser-known ancient stone secrets.


When: Thursday December 7th

Where: The Latest Bar, 14-17 Manchester Street, Brighton, GB BN2 1TF

Price: £5 – £12

Starts: 8pm


Restrictions: None

Dress code: Neolithic casual and santa hat