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Tuesday 15th June The Secrets of Jack Roulette - 2021

The Secrets of Jack Roulette By Anton Binder Magic

Anton Binder Magic

A mysterious package, a private investigator, and a night club performer trapped in a hell of his own making.

“You think you want to know how it’s done but If I told you the secret the magic wouldn’t exist anymore. Then I wouldn’t exist. And if I don’t exist what are you doing here?”

Alternative magician Anton Binder creates a dark, edgy dreamscape.

“Charming, funny and a little bit freaky” (Graham Duff, TV/Radio Writer/Producer ‘Count Arthur Strong’ ‘Ideal’)

“Anton Binder has never staged a mediocre, boring, straight play”
(Paul Levy, FringeReview)

“A little bit strange and wholly entertaining”
(Billy Chainsaw, Artist)

Tuesday 15th to Wednesday 17th June 08.00pm